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What We Offer

Multiple Offerings to Fit Your Needs


Equipment sessions (maximum 4 per class)


One session   R340

Two sessions    R660 (@R330 per class)

Three sessions  R960 (@R320 per class)  

Four sessions    R1240 (@R310 per class)

Five sessions     R1500 (@R300 per class)

Eight sessions    R2320  (@R290 per class)


Oov Group Mat Classes


One session      R240

Two sessions    R460 (@R230 per class)

Three sessions  R660 (@R220 per class)  

Four sessions    R840 (@R210 per class)

Five sessions     R1000 (@R200 per class)

Eight sessions    R1520  (@R190 per class)


Private Sessions


One session       R450

Two sessions    R880 (@R440 per class)

Three sessions  R1290 (@R430 per class)  

Four sessions    R1680 (@R420 per class)

Five sessions     R2050 (@R410 per class)

Six sessions      R2400  (@R400 per class)


Please Note

All packages have a time limit of five weeks from the first slot booked from the package.

There is a 36 hour cancellation policy. Cancelling prior to 36 hours allows you to reschedule that session.

Cancellation after the 36 hour will be billed.

Pilates on 7th

31 Seventh Avenue,
Parktown North,

Tel. 083 237 5267


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