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Offering Various Modalities to Fit Your Needs

Michele Constantinides

Michele Constantinides

BASI certified Pilates Instructor (USA) and Craniosacral Therapist

Michele is the owner and founder of Pilates on 7th.
After ten years of teaching Pilates at various studios, I was able to realise my dream and open my own studio.
I have taken all I have learnt from studio management and client input and applied it to my studio to make Pilates on 7th a professional, friendly, Pilates environment.
I endeavour to give clients the best Pilates experience with my fully, internationally certified instructors and fully equipped studio.
I have a passion for natural health and wellbeing, and never stop learning and improving on my instructor abilities.

Louise Pannell

Louise Pannell

REN XUE INternational Certified Yuan Qigong Teacher

From my earliest years, helping others be stronger and happier motivated my fields of learning and endeavour.  14 years teaching Pilates, 10 years studying and practising Neuro-Linguistic programming and the ever ongoing self enquiry through various systems, brought me to a fortuitous place: a colleague and Ren Xue teacher taught me Yuan Qigong in 2013!

I practised it daily, because it simply felt so nourishing and uplifting, through some very difficult years.

In 2017 and 2018 I studed in the presence of Yuan Tze and in early 2019 I began offering daily group Yuan Qigong classes in Johannesburg.

My Ren Xue studies continue as I progress through and refine my knowledge of the levels of teacher training, all the while integrating the system more deeply into my life. It would be my pleasure to have you join the group classes, as we share the powerfully distilled wisdom and benefits of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong.

Pilates on 7th

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