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Welcome to Pilates on 7th.
A fully equipped studio with internationally certified Pilates & Qigong instructors.

What We Offer


Pilates is a whole-body fitness programme that does not only  target specific areas of the body while neglecting others.

Although the focus is on core strength, the whole body is conditioned and strengthened as an integrated whole – building a balanced well aligned body.

Many athletes incorporate Pilates as a basis for their training programs as well as for injury prevention and rehab.

A Pilates session can be adapted to any fitness level developing long, toned muscles that work perfectly within the functioning context as a whole, increasing flexibility, posture improvement and an increased awareness of body, mind and breathe.

Oov classes

Our Oov group classes assist in activating, isolating and challenging core stabilising muscles while also extending the spine to activate healthy intervertebral disc lubrication for optimal spine health. The Ov puts the body in a space where it is working continually.

The slow, intense, highly effective session allows self regulating feedback to feel what the body is experiencing. The Oov helps realign the body spatially using natural geometric ratios, employing balance, motor control and awareness.

Suffering from a sore back or neck, poor posture or flexibility, weak core muscles or just needing to strengthen the body for sport or general condition, then the Oov class is for you.

Yuan Qigong

We’re so excited to be the only studio in South Africa offering Yuan Qigong, the innovative yet pure form of Qigong created in 2012, by the Chinese Master, Yuan Tze. 

This comprehensive sequence of Qigong forms offers the upliftment of health on all levels, deep stress relief, better sleep, increased strength and balance and greater harmony internally and externally.

The classes are 75 mins long. Beginners and more experienced students are welcome, as are those who are less fit and strong, or limited physically in any way. Safe and helpful for the pregnant and the elderly.  

One walks away not only deeply refreshed and clear, but with an easy to implement moving meditation form that can be applied at home, in a 15 – 20 mins daily routine, bringing the best results.  

Visit the Ren Xue Africa website at for further information about this ancient, traditional method, revived and revitalised for the 21st Century. 

Pilates on 7th

31 Seventh Avenue,
Parktown North,

Tel. 083 237 5267


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The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.     – Joseph Hubertus Pilates –

Only two teachers were certified by Joseph Pilates in his lifetime, Kathy Stanford-Grant and Lolita San Miguel. Today, spurred by the unprecedented growth of Pilates, tens of thousands of Pilates practitioners are teaching the method across the globe. Many of them are true professionals, but there are many others with dubious or non-existent credentials who have taken advantage of the unregulated nature of the discipline. Always check your instructors’ credentials.