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Before booking

Please note the following

  1. Read the purchasing and booking rules carefully.
  2. There is an expiration date on packages purchased and strictly no refunds.
  3. If the allocated session times do not suit you and you would like private sessions, please contact us via email or text message to schedule a time suitable to yourself. Please purchase a private session package prior to commencing.
  4. Beginners need to join the beginner sessions or book a few private sessions to get started before joining a group. It is advisable to have a few private sessions before joining a group to establish a solid Pilates foundation and exercise repertoire.
  5. Please sign in/register and purchase your classes from a variety of packages. Then choose your sessions on our calendar from a choice of Pilates, Oov Mat Classes and Yuan Qigong.

How To Book

Step 1:

Purchase your package of choice from the Packages Page (excludes Yuan Qigong Classes) .You will receive a confirmation email of your purchase. Pleas take note of the order ID. IF you haven’t yet purchased a package please click here.

Step 2:

You can select to book all the slots of your package by selecting the Multiple User button. Each slot you book will be added to the Book Button. When you have selected all the slots you wish to book, click the book button. If you are only booking on slot you can skip this step.

Step 3:

Click on the day you wish to book. All available classes for that day, with their description will be displayed. Choose your class/es.

Step 4:

Fill in your details.
NB: Please use the Purchase Confirmation number you would have received via email when you purchased your package and add it to the Description Section, along with any other notes you’d like to make. Click book.
A Green confirmation box will be displayed confirming your booking was successful. You will also receive confirmation via email.

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  • Dress in comfortable active wear. It is advisable to wear socks while training
  • When training in a group, we move as a group. Please move according to your trainers cueing and not at your own pace.
  • Your trainer is constantly counting and cueing to keep everyone synchronised.
  • Do not train with your eyes closed.
  • No cell phones allowed during the session unless under specific circumstances.
  • If you are unsure of the exercise, please do not copy the person alongside you. Your trainer will be demonstrating or cueing you to correct. Often the person alongside you is also incorrect.
  • If you cannot hear clearly, please let your trainer know.
  • Please wipe down your mat thoroughly after a session. The trainer will clean the equipment.
  • Should you need to cancel a session or run late , please send a Whatsapp to the trainer concerned.